ROBIN HOOD - Summer Camp Wide Game

Concept of the game

The goal of the game is for campers to find the message that Maid Marian wants delivered to Robin Hood which is scattered throughout the playing field, hidden in tins. Once they find a tin they take it to Nottingham and try to unscramble the message; Nottingham is also where they can get more money if theirs is taken away. They are also avoiding the Sheriff and his tax collectors who will stop them to see if they have any money and if they don’t then they have to go to jail. Meanwhile the rest of the cabin leaders are all running around with roles of their own. Prince John and his Army want to eliminate Robin Hood and protect their treasury, and Robin Hood and the Merry Men are trying to save people from jail, steal from the treasury and help the campers find Marian’s message. The game ends when the message is solved.

People of Nottingham (Team 1)-no flagging tape

  • Start at Nottingham
  • Collect Tins To unscramble the message
  • Once Maid Marion knows the entire message the people of Nottingham and robin hood and the merry men win
  • Start the game with 2 coins
  • Watch out for the Tax collectors and Prince John’s Army

Tax collectors (team 2) - Blue Flag tape

  • Led by the sheriff
  • Start at prince johns castle
  • Catch people of Nottingham and tax them one coin (if they do not have a coin they must go to jail)
  • Must walk with them to jail
  • Running away from merry men 

Merry Men (Team 3) - Green Flag Tape

  • Can start anywhere
  • Free Prisoners (Run into the jail without being caught, take one prisoner with them and go out into the forest, don’t have to go all the way to Nottingham)
  • Catch Tax Collectors (Tax collector hands over any money they have and any prisoners that are with them) Tax collector can run and leave the prisoners behind if they do not want to get tagged
  • Take coins back to Nottingham for the poor
  • Rob Prince John’s Treasury (Run into the castle and find treasury and take a handful of coins to take back to Nottingham )
  • Can be Caught by Prince John’s Army 

Prince John’s Army (Team 4) - Yellow Flag Tape

  • Catch People of Nottingham and Merry Men
  • If they catch a Merry Man they take all of their money and put it back into the treasury and take them to jail
  • If they catch a Person of Nottingham they must either take all of their money, or take them to jail, or take any tins they have and re hide them. 

Maid Marion

  • Either collects tins or stays to help unscramble message
  • Exempt from being taxed and also anyone with her cannot be taxed
  • Prince John’s Army may catch her and escort her to jail, but she can just leave right away
  • Any people of Nottingham with her must run because they can be put in jail by the army 


  • Catches people of Nottingham
  • Takes all money from People of Nottingham
  • Cannot put anyone in jail 

Robin Hood

  • Catch Tax Collectors and take all of their money
  • Rob Treasury and can take whole bucket
  • Can get caught by Prince John’s Army and goes to jail
  • If he gets into jail to free people, there is a jail break 

Prince John

  • Can catch anyone and take all of their money and take them to jail
  • If Robin Hood is caught and Prince John is at the castle he may order his guards to collect Maid Marion
  • Once Maid Marion is at the jail she must decide to either
    • Stay in Jail herself for the rest of the game
    • Flip a coin Heads there is a jail break, Tails Robin Hood is executed (game goes on without him)
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